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Do you know someone who deserves to be recognised for outstanding community
engagement and personal achievement in the Almondsbury, Bradley Stoke, Patchway, Stoke Gifford, Frampton Cotterell or Winterbourne areas?

Willow Brook Centre have teamed up with many local services and business’s to launch the Stars of the Stokes awards, a set of community awards to recognise the personal achievements of individuals in our local area.

The nominations will close on Friday 10th May and the awards evening will be take place on
21st June at the Aztec Hotel, Almondsbury.

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Star Teacher

Do you know a teacher who works in the area and goes above and beyond what you would expect? Has a teacher you know made a huge difference to your life? Maybe you know a teacher who has motivated and inspired students to achieve their best and who is always willing to give that extra time and effort.


Pre-School Carer of the Year

Can you see the difference your child minder or nanny makes to your child’s development, or does your child have a favourite member of staff at their nursery or pre-school who brightens their day? Maybe your child carer ends up caring for the whole family, or has helped you with short notice cover during family emergencies over the last year.


Achievement Against the Odds

Do you know someone who achieves great things against the odds? Has someone you know overcome illness or disability to return to work, faced a battle to achieve something important to them, or achieved sporting prowess when told that they wouldn’t be able to?


The Baily Cooper Award Young Hero’s Award

Do you know someone aged 18 or under who is a hero? Maybe they spend a lot of their free time volunteering, or have achieved great things in sport or have taken a hobby and become renowned for it. Maybe they care for their parents, mow the lawn for a neighbour, or have raised money for a cause that is close to them.


Champion Carer

Carers, be they family, friends or professionals, are crucial to many families. Does someone you know provide care that is ‘beyond the norm’? Have they changed lives or put their lives on hold to help and care for you?


Parent / Guardian in a Million

What do parents you know do to make them a parent/guardian in a million? Do they collect your children from school every day so that you can work? Do they fight to make sure you have everything you need and deserve? Perhaps something happened in the last year that you couldn’t have got through without their support.


Coach of the Year

Do you know someone who gives up their free time to coach others? Perhaps a youth football coach or a cycling coach. Maybe you know someone who works in sport but goes above and beyond what would be expected. Perhaps a teacher who runs an out of school exercise club, or a personal trainer who has helped you achieve your goals in the last year.


Unsung Hero

Do you know someone who is a hero to you but doesn’t see it themselves? Maybe they give their life to volunteering or have done the same job for many years. Perhaps they run a local sports team, raise money for charity. It may be that they are simply a hero to you and you’d love them to receive some recognition.

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If you have a question about the Stars of the Stokes awards or if you’d like to sponsor a category, please send us an email. Alternatively, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news.