2017 Awards Winners

Achievement Against the Odds
Bailey Cooper
  •

    He was diagnosed with lymphoma. He has dealt with it amazingly and never once complained. He is a true inspiration, nobody should have to go through what he did, let alone at his age. It came as a terrible shock to all of his family, friends and the community. But everyone rallied around to help him and his family with fundraising, support and understanding. Bailey has come through this and wants to try to raise money for his nurses and the children’s hospital, because he understands all that they have done for him. Bailey is truly a special boy and we all love him dearly!!!
Champion Carer Award
Corey Chadha
  •

    He is a very caring, polite and well-mannered young man. I have known him for most of his life (he will be 11 in August) and he never complains that his mum spends so much time caring for his older brother Ben, who is severely autistic, and as a result, he does not get the time / quality time with his mum Caroline that he so deserves. Over the last year, his mum has had to move home and Ben started at a residential home in Yeovil. During this time, he has shown his maturity in supporting his mum during this change, being her ‘rock’ and also her ‘wing man’ when she has to travel to Yeovil and back to pick up Ben, particularly as she is not a confident driver. I would be very proud if Corey was my son and he so deserves to be recognised for his excellent qualities and support he gives to his mum.
Coach of the Year Award
Martin Lee
  •

    Since the inception of the Bradley Stoke Youth FC and Bradley Stoke Town FC, Martin has been involved throughout. From coaching/managing adult teams and down to age u6’s to arranging fundraising and organising the Bradley Stoke Youth FC Summer Football Festival almost single-handed. There is just not enough thanks we can give to Martin for all of the work and success he has brought Bradley Stoke football over the years and the enjoyment that Bradley Stoke children have had with their sport over the years.
Young Hero Award
Kyra Morley
  •

    Kyra volunteers at a kids club at Christ the king church once a week where she gives up her time to keep 30+ children aged 4-12 entertained. She always has a smile for them and is brilliant if they are upset or need someone to talk too, she also goes and supports a family once a week with childcare as mum had post natal depression and needs a break, Kyra goes round for the evening and plays with the little one so mum and dad can have a bit of time to themselves and she does all this whilst battling severe anxiety which causes her to struggle through school and doubt herself and I think she doesn’t see how amazing she is! She also gives up a Sunday morning a month to help at our church Sunday club, she is such a selfless giving 15 year old!
Parent / Guardian in a Million Award
Samantha Bigwood
  •

    What can I say about Sam. She is one of the most resilient persons I have ever met in my life. She is a mom of three, two of which have additional needs and she does it alone. Since last year she has had a bleed on the brain, heart surgery and bereavement in her family and she still wakes up in the morning and does the best for her children. She is one of those people who seem to always do for others and never for herself. She does have her bad days like everyone else but she gets up the next day and keeps moving forward. She is an amazing spirit and she is an amazing mom regardless of what happens to her. I can’t see anyone else who deserves this award for just being who she is and loving her children regardless of their needs and always doing what’s best for them.
Pre-school Carer of the Year Award
Jessica Stone
  •

    She runs so many toddler and baby classes in Bradly Stoke, always with a smile on her face. She gives mums a haven to look forward to each week. Jess really cares about the families that attend her groups, and I think the Mum’s of Bradley Stoke would be lost without her.
Star Teacher Award
Mandi Mulley
  •

    Mrs Mulley has taught at Little Stoke Primary school for some 15 years and, as a result, has excellent relationships with pupils (past and present) and parents alike. She also has strong ties to the local community and is well regarded by all. Mrs Mulley often goes over and above what is expected of her in her role and has a natural rapport with children of all ages. Most recently, she played a key role in the school achieving the Leading Parent Partnership Award recognising the excellent communication and engagement with parents, carers and grandparents. She gets my vote!
Unsung Hero Award
Katherine Robinson
  •

    She gives up so much of her time to voluntarily lead the Wednesday Beaver scout group, she led the development and instillation of the war memorial at the town centre, set up and helps to run the Scout Marching Band. She brings so many varied and exciting opportunities to the Beaver scouts, aged 6-8yrs like raft building, night hiking, fire lighting, archery to name a few. Katherine, known as “Woody” to many young people has had such a positive impact in the lives of young people through Scouts in the Stokes area.