Achievement Against the Odds Award
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    Olivia has Down Syndrome and works at DoubleTree by Hilton restaurant, serving guests week in week out with pride and passion. She is very popular with her colleagues and has learned to deliver the 4star hotel experience. We are very proud of her.
Champion Carer Award
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    Carla has a son with physical and learning difficulties, she spends her life caring for him and her other children whilst raising money for charities who support other families going through similar issues. Things can be really hard for her sometimes and she deserves to be recognised.
Coach of the Year Award
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    Phil is a Taekwondo instructor. He is incredibly dedicated to his students, inspiring them to achieve their own goals in sport and in life. He supports everyone patiently; instilling confidence and competence as they grow alongside their peers. My daughter has been mentored by Phil for 4 years, he has nurtured her emerging strengths and helped her overcome her struggles. Phil is always there to listen, he is a fun coach who commands respect from his students as a valued role model.
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    Lauren is a dedicated and reliable Leader in Training with Girlguiding. She began volunteering with 1st Bradley Stoke Rainbows in September 2013 at the age of 14. From the outset it was clear that she would make a valuable addition to our team due to her commitment and willingness to take on roles and completing them to the best of her ability. In 2015, after 12 months of hard work Lauren completed her Young Leader Qualification. To achieve this qualification Lauren had to undergo training, arrange activities and demonstrate her commitment to Girlguiding. In addition to attending weekly Rainbow meetings Lauren also attends leaders meetings, plans and runs activities and helps the adult leadership team with administrative tasks. She has run a number of successful activities with
    the Rainbows since she began volunteering in 2013. She plans each activity to ensure that they are suitable and obtains the necessary materials to complete the activity. Lauren also gives up her time at weekends to help with trips and overnight events. The Rainbows describe her as ‘kind and friendly’ and ‘always helpful’. As well as being a wonderful volunteer and support to the Rainbows and other Leaders at 1st Bradley Stoke Rainbows, Lauren has also been a fantastic support to her family over the last few years. Her older sister has faced many challenges with her health and Lauren has been a great support to her. She has shown a great deal of maturity and compassion in supporting her sister and helping her parents.
Parent / Guardian in a Million Award
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    I have a daughter who suffers from depressions and anxiety, she recently took an overdose due to the stresses of GCSE exams. I had only just started a new job and so my sister, Liz, stepped up and took over all of the daily care that my daughter needs. Liz goes to and from school with her every day to support a reduced timetable, counsels her when she is particularly down or anxious and goes in to help her through panic attacks. Liz does all of this while caring for her own children, she is our rock and we can never thank her enough, I don’t know what I would have done without her.
Pre-school Carer of the Year Award
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    Kaylie is an absolute star in my eyes. I never thought that I would be happy having my son anywhere but with me. My son is a lively boy with additional health needs. Kaylee has cared for my son since he was 18 months old and I am overwhelmed with the experiences and opportunities that he has had in his time with her. Kaylee gives my son so much time and attention, nothing is too much trouble. She is a single mum herself and has fought for everything in life, we are dreading the day that my son has to go to school.
Star Teacher Award
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    Jo has been a huge support to children with special needs at Almondsbury primary school and their families as well as supporting other teachers working with children with special educational needs. She is taking part in the three peaks challenge this summer to help raise money to build a sensory room to help children within the school as well as local community groups. She goes above and beyond and is passionate in giving children with special needs the help and support they need to be the best they can be.
Unsung Hero Award
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    Adrian who commonly goes by the name of Ade is a lead volunteer at ”The Viaduct Animal Sanctuary” in Coalpit Heath, this place is more than an animal sanctuary it is a safe haven for the community to come and enjoy various animals that they wouldn’t normally get to see, it is a safe haven for young and not so young people with learning difficulties to go and feel appreciated by spending time at the sanctuary with their sponsor / service provider. The sanctuary also offers students the chance to get the hands on experience they require to complete their college courses. what is most amazing about this place is how much they think about the community with various learning difficulties, anyone is welcome at the sanctuary and will have an amazing day and be treated like a star. Ade is my Nominee because he gets up before the rooster every single morning. Goes to the sanctuary to make sure all the animals are all ok. Then he will set up the sanctuary ready for a busy day of activities. He is a truly inspirational character and a true unsung hero. He won’t admit it himself, he just thinks what he does for the community is normal, that only amplifies how inspirational he really is. After a busy day at the sanctuary Ade then has to go to work in the evening because he claims no financial benefit at all from the sanctuary.